Friday, July 19

Summer delights

Tasty breakfast, lunch, supper, pudding ... and more

Super salad with ginger beer

Goats' cheese salad & ginger beer

Porridge, blueberries, banana & nuts

Roasted baby potatoes, onions, petit pois & organic salmon fillet

Homemade Ely Mess

Salmon parcels of cream cheese & salad

Avocado & beetroot with garlic goats' cheese and salad

Ely mess

Mixed fruit salad

Cheese, pear & nut salad

Salad with pear, mozzarella, avocado, nuts & goats' cheese 

Ely mess

Delicious, fresh apricots

Fabulous farmer's market cider

Enjoy eating fresh fruits & vegetables whilst we have this hot weather!

Monday, July 15

And finally the sun shines!

Healthy meals

Home grown salad leaves

Dinkels, salad & goats' cheese on bread

 Organic porridge with almonds and banana

Salad, steamed fresh beetroot, garlic goats' cheese

Farmers market mixed salad with spinach, rocket and roasted vegetables

Farmers market mixed salad with spinach, rocket, avocado, goats' cheese and cucumber

Enjoy the weather!
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