Monday, June 6

Life in the slow lane

Choosing to leave your life as you know it can be daunting.

However, choosing to live life the #vanlife way is just that. A choice. A decision. Something we're all capable of, and something we do day in, day out. We make thousands of them. Some are more fundamental than others, but either way - they can be a straightforward left or right, right or wrong, yes or no, fast or slow, pink or green, latte or cappuccino. You get the gist.

Continued ...

Just as they can be a 'live in a van'? or 'Don't live in a van'?. Sure it takes a bit of organising (not much compared to buying and owning or renting a house). Once you've made the initial decision, it's a case of 'just do it'. Sounds easy? Because it can be. It's whatever you choose. However, one thing's for sure - if you're a couple - you both have to want to do it. Otherwise there will be tears before bedtime.

Seriously though, we certainly can't envisage going back to life before the van. And indeed we have further plans for travel involving the sea and a big floaty thing. 

If I could offer anyone any advice it would be this: if your heart says you love to travel, then do so. Do whatever it takes to realise your dream. And while you're enjoying this hedonistic lifestyle (for that is essentially what it is), you will find that you eat well, are more mobile (not just the wheels of the bus), and appreciate everything just that little bit (read as: a lot) more. 

Those already in a van or on a yacht will know where I'm coming from. Those who are thinking about it ... STOP thinking and do some DOING!

That is all.


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