Saturday, June 4

Mon Petit Café

Fellow travellers, food lovers, adventurers et al ... welcome to Mon Petit Café. 

Mon Petit Café is a very small space where real, honest, healthy, food is created and savoured. So tiny a space that it fits into our motorhome: in fact, it's our petit galley and dinette :)

A little place where the dishes are homemade using simple, local, nourishing ingredients that are good for the mind, body and soul.

Our aim is to show you that you don't need a vast kitchen, a huge array of gadgets or a pot of cash to create healthy meals.

Continued ...

If, like us, you're fed up with the endless junk on offer in most shops, food establishments and supermarkets; the faddy diets and conflicting information about what food is 'good' and what is 'bad', then join us for straightforward meal ideas, tips and recipes.

With the promise of no rubbish, no unusual ingredients and no over the top big budget extras (just simple fare at its best). The objective is to eat well and enjoy the foods we all love whilst ensuring we're kind to ourselves both inside and out. We like to help local producers and farmers and the planet too.

Keeping it local. Keeping it fresh. Keeping it simple. 

And we're not saying any particular food is the enemy. Fat or sugar or carbs for that matter. What we're actually advocating is this: eat healthy most all of the time, and enjoy everything else in moderation (we aim for a 80/20 split). We're steering well clear of Frankenfoods (and so would you if you knew what went into them!).

So, we're simply going back to basics. Cooking meals with ingredients our grandmothers would recognise plus a few new interesting alternatives to spice things up a bit.

The new 'Instagram' trend of avocado on toast etc. is one we (I) advocate, but I don't think we (as people), consider the ramifications of lashings of date syrup or cashew nut butter etc. Instead of eating in moderation, we blindly consider them healthy alternatives; satisfyingly quaffing these highly calorific foods. Yes, they are healthy (in moderation). No they aren't something we should have in every meal!   

Moderation is key.

What we seek is equilibrium for our body, minds and soul. To eat well, move daily and feel gratified that we have done all we can to be the best version of ourselves. It can't be that difficult. Can it?

Thanks for reading, and if it's your cup of tea (herbal or otherwise) ... then thank you for joining us!


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