Thursday, June 13

A super simple, healthy salad

Roasted beetroot, vine tomatoes, avocado, strawberries, mixed melon, carrot, mixed leaves 
and a balsamic & olive oil dressing.

Couldn't be simpler!

Ideas for porridge

Organic porridge with almonds & honey

Organic porridge with strawberries & almonds

There are literally hundreds of ways to make your porridge more interesting in the morning!

Curry night

Homemade mango chutney 
raita (made with fresh mint)

Homemade vegetable & mango curry

Homemade sultana & mango naan

 There's nothing quite like a curry night when you've made everything yourself!

Monday, June 10

Ways with berries

 A handful of berries

Strawberries, blueberries & raspberries


Porridge with mixed berries and almonds



Mixed berries, watermelon, piel de sapo melon & mint

Sunday, June 9

A little light lunch

 Vine tomatoes, water melon, piel de sapo melon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, mint & mixed leaves
 Season well with freshly ground black pepper & smoked paprika salt crystals
Serve on wholegrain toast rubbed with garlic and drizzled in olive oil

Making a simple, yet delicious light lunch of bruschetta

Saturday, June 8

Salad, salmon & strawberries ....

Salad, jacket potato & salmon puffs


Salad & tomato, basil & goat's cheese tart

Homemade tarts are so much more delicious than anything processed. They're really easy to make and the fillings can be as creative as your imagination will allow!

Cheat your way: buy puff pastry (try the butter version - or the low fat version which has no margarine in it)

The full monty: make your own puff pastry (harder, but seriously satisfying!)

Thursday, June 6

Simple tart : two ways

Tart No.1

Goat's cheese, rosemary, apple & caramel on a puff pastry base.

Tart No.2

Apple & caramel on a puff pastry base served with a Praline paste

Wednesday, June 5

Easy as pie ... or tart!

Homemade tart

Red onion, rosemary and goat's cheese tart in a wholemeal case
served with Jersey Royals, petit pois and a few mixed leaves

Sometimes, the simplest things are the best things!

Monday, June 3

Sweets for my sweet

Sweet treats

My partner in crime made these lovely digestive biscuits today ....

... and these yummy waffles with maple syrup and praline spread yesterday.

What more could a girl ask for? (besides diamonds from Tiffany's!)

Saturday, June 1

Keeping it homemade

Homemade ... no added junk!

Nutella (praline)

Butternut squash and spelt pancakes

Golden vegetable soup with bread

Goat's cheese tart with Jersey Royals

Goat's cheese tartwith Jersey Royals

 Apple puff with mint choc chip ice cream

 Apple puffs with mint choc chip ice cream and praline

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