Friday, July 19

Summer delights

Tasty breakfast, lunch, supper, pudding ... and more

Super salad with ginger beer

Goats' cheese salad & ginger beer

Porridge, blueberries, banana & nuts

Roasted baby potatoes, onions, petit pois & organic salmon fillet

Homemade Ely Mess

Salmon parcels of cream cheese & salad

Avocado & beetroot with garlic goats' cheese and salad

Ely mess

Mixed fruit salad

Cheese, pear & nut salad

Salad with pear, mozzarella, avocado, nuts & goats' cheese 

Ely mess

Delicious, fresh apricots

Fabulous farmer's market cider

Enjoy eating fresh fruits & vegetables whilst we have this hot weather!

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