Friday, May 3

A gloriously sunny day ...

... and a deliciously healthy lunch!


Fresh watermelon, mint & basil leaves, sweetfire beetroot, mixed salad leaves, cucumber and vine tomatoes. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar, a little truffle & olive oil. Finish with some parmigiano reggiano shavings. 
Perfect on this delightfully sunny day!


We find it easier (and are much more inclined), to eat salads and lighter meals when the sun shines. Of course, salads are served all year round at Mon Petit Café, but those warm rays do make a difference! The watermelon in this simple salad whisks us away to far flung places where on melting beaches, men wander up and down the molten sand, selling huge slices of this delicious fruit for refreshment. The mint is a classic accompaniment to the melon and adds a real freshness and zing  to the palate. 

In the afternoon, why not serve fresh mint tea with a slice of lemon or ginger in Moroccan style glasses (allow to cool a little), and sip this delightful and refreshing tisane whilst enjoying this wonderfully balmy weather! 

Today feels like Summer ... so make the most of it!

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