Wednesday, May 2


Menu du Jour


Fresh fruit salad comprising raspberries, dragon fruit, pineapple, lychees and apples
served with fresh orange juice and English Breakfast tea


Homemade carrot & coriander soup, served with hunks of homemade bread
with butter, sea salt and ground pepper


Homemade chips served with sea salt and red sauce

For * Chips * Click * Here


  1. Whar are lychees and dragon fruit. They must not be common in the US. The fruit salad looks divine.

  2. Lychees (Litchi chinensis): The Chinese tree (of the soapberry family) bears this small rounded fruit with sweet white scented flesh, a large central stone and a thin rough skin. They are odd but delicious! You remove the skin and stone to eat only the flesh.

    Dragon fruit (Pitaya): This fruit is good for you but the taste can be rather bland (unless mixed with other fruit). It has a wonderful looking skin - pink & lime green. It's a kind of cross between melon and kiwi in texture. I first tried it in Thailand as part of a fruit salad breakfast: I buy it now as it reminds me of that time.

  3. P.S. Thank you - it was a delicious fruit salad, and I just love freshly cut, juicy pineapple ... mmmmm!


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